The Lada Niva is a rugged off-roader known for durability and reliability. However, even this sturdy vehicle requires periodic replacement of its transfer box bearings and clutch assembly bearings to maintain optimum performance. The Russian aftermarket is a good source for high quality yet affordable bearing kits for the Niva’s transfer case and clutch.

Niva Transfer Box Bearin

The transfer box on Lada Niva and other off-road vehicles contains several bearings that allow the casing to rotate smoothly. These include bearings for the shift drum, side gears, selector fork and more. Over time, transfer box bearings experience wear and tear due to friction, heat and impact loads from driving on uneven terrain. This affects gearshifts and engaging of all-wheel drive, prompting the need for bearing replacement. High-quality aftermarket bearing kits containing all required bearings and components ensure proper fit and function of the Niva’s transfer case.

Lada Clutch Assembly Bearing

The clutch assembly in Lada Niva and other Lada cars has several bearings that must be replaced periodically to keep the release mechanism operating smoothly. These bearings include the release bearing that sits between the clutch fork and release lever, thrust bearings that reduce axial loads, and pilot bearings underneath the clutch pressure plate.

Aftermarket bearing kits containing all required bearings and components ensure correct configuration and hassle-free replacement of worn-out clutch parts. The bearings used in these kits are manufactured by reputed Russian and European brands like SKF, FAG, Vesconite and National to match OEM specifications.

Benefits Of Bearing Kit From Niva Car

Firstly, We have a read about Niva transfer box bearing kit:

  • Complete solution – Kits contain all bearings and seals needed to overhaul the transfer case in one go.
  • Enhanced performance – New bearings reduce gear noise and improve engagement of four-wheel drive.
  • Longer lifespan – New bearings offer reduced friction and resistance to better withstand impact loads.
  • Proper fit – Aftermarket bearing kits contain bearings that match OEM specifications in dimensions and material properties.
  • Easy installation – The kits come with instructions or photos for correct installation in around 3-4 hours.

Secondly, Let us continue to read about Niva clutch bearing kit:

  • Proper fit – Bearings in the kits match OEM dimensions for a perfect installation into the clutch assembly.
  • Simplified replacement – Kits containing all bearings, boots, retainers and hardware simplify the replacement process.
  • Enhanced performance – New bearings reduce wear and friction for smoother clutch engagement.
  • Longer lifespan – High-quality bearings used in the kits can provide up to 50-70% more life than OEM parts.
  • Value for money – Aftermarket bearing kits are generally more affordable compared to dealer supplied kits.
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