Auto bearing

Taper Roller Bearings Introduction

Tapered bearings are a type of roller bearing in which the rollers are located at an angle to the main axis. This allows you to cope not only with axial, but also with radiation loads. As the angle of the roller position relative to the axis increases, the bearing can...

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6312-2Z Radial Single Row Ball Bearing

6312-2Z radial single row ball bearing is one of the most common bearing types used in various industrial and household equipment. 6312-2Z is suitable for radioactive loads. Its design includes an inner ring and an outer ring with a sphere between them. The bearing...

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High-Precision Bearings By VLBG – AUTO Bearing Supplier

These incredible engineering components have laid the foundation for achieving excellent accuracy and reliability in various devices and systems. High-precision bearing is the core of any mechanical device, in which excellent rotation accuracy is very important. With...

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