The Russian aftermarket is a treasure trove for high quality yet affordable automotive parts, especially bearing kits for wheels and clutches. Russian markets offer a wide selection of wheel bearing kits, clutch assembly bearings and release bearing kits for popular car models at competitive prices. The bearings used in these kits are manufactured by reputed Russian, Eastern European and Chinese brands to strict industry specifications.

Russian Market Wheel Bearing Kit

Wheel bearing kits available in the Russian aftermarket include both complete kits as well as individual components like inner bearings, outer bearings, races, seals, dust covers and hardware. These bearings are compatible withOEM specifications and fit perfectly into wheel knuckles. The bearing kits are available for both front and rear wheels of most popular car models including those from Volkswagen, Toyota,Hyundai, Kia, Ford, General Motors and others. The bearings used in Russian wheel bearing kits are manufactured by reputed brands like SKF, FAG, National, ZKL and others, offering performance and lifespan at par with original equipment bearings.

Clutch Assembly Bearing In Russian Market

The Russian aftermarket offers an extensive range of clutch assembly bearings for manual transmission vehicles. These include pilot bearings, thrust bearings and release bearings used in the clutch fork and release mechanism of different car models.

The clutch assembly bearings are available individually as well as in complete kits along with boots, dust covers and various hardware. Reputed brands like FAG, SKF, ZKL, National and Vesconite manufacture the bearings, offering OEM specifications and quality at affordable prices. The clutch assembly bearings from the Russian market are suitable for both original equipment and high performance clutches.

Benefits Of Russian Market Wheel Bearing Kits

  • Competitive pricing – Russian aftermarket bearing kits are generally priced 20-40% lower than original or branded kits, without compromising on quality.
  • Same OEM specifications – The inner bearing, outer bearing, cup and cone dimensions of Russian wheel bearing kits match those of original equipment, ensuring proper fit and function.
  • Genuine bearings – The kits use bearings from trusted global brands as well as specialized Russian and East European bearing manufacturers.
  • Complete kit – Russian wheel bearing kits provide all required components including dust covers, seals and retainers along with bearings and races.
  • Easy installation – Russian bearing kits come with instructions to aid proper installation and ensure years of trouble-free performance.

Benefits of Russian Market Clutch Bearings

  • Compatible dimensions – Clutch assembly bearings from Russian markets match OEM specifications in material, hardness and dimensions to ensure proper fit and function.
  • Tested quality – Russian and Eastern European bearing manufacturers conduct various tests to ensure quality on par with international standards.
  • Complete kit available – The Russian market offers clutch bearing kits with all required components for hassle-free installation and correct configuration.
  • Enhanced performance – Some Russian aftermarket bearings are developed specifically to handle higher loads and improve clutch performance for modified vehicles.
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