Wheel bearings are a critical component that allows the wheels on your Duster to spin freely and smoothly. But over tens of thousands of miles, all that rotation takes a toll in the form of wear and tear. When the front wheel bearings fail on a Duster, it significantly impacts the ride, handling, and safety of the vehicle. Read on to learn more about diagnosing worn front wheel bearings, when to replace them, and the benefits of a complete front wheel bearing kit for your repair.


How Front Wheel Bearings Work

Inside each wheel hub assembly, a front wheel bearing kit consists of two sets of steel ball bearings encased in a raceway. These bearings allow the wheel to spin with minimal friction around the axle. A rubber seal protects the bearings from contaminants.

Good lubrication and minimal play in the bearings ensures smooth, quiet, and safe performance. But over time, constant loads and vibration can cause wear, loosening, and eventually failure of the front wheel bearings.

Signs Of Worn Front Wheel Bearings

Watch for these warning signs that the front wheel bearings on your Duster need replacement:

  • Humming, grinding or rumbling sounds when spinning the wheels
  • Excessive wheel play or clunking when rocking the tire
  • Uneven tire wear patterns
  • Loose steering or wandering on the road
  • Vibration or shimmy in the steering wheel at certain speeds

If you notice any of these symptoms, have your Duster’s front wheel bearings inspected and replaced if needed before severe damage occurs. Continuing to drive on worn bearings risks destroyed wheels, brake failure and serious safety hazards.

Replacing Your Front Wheel Bearings

For the repair, a complete duster front wheel bearing kit is recommended. These affordable aftermarket kits include a pair of high quality replacement bearings, seals, lubricant and all mounting hardware.

Professional installation is advised as the job requires presses for removal and fitting of the new bearings. But the investment of a new bearing kit pays off through restored smooth and safe handling, minimized tire wear, and prevention of further secondary damage to the wheels, rotors and axles down the road.

Rely on High Quality Aftermarket Bearing Kits

For a lasting and cost-effective repair, choose a reputable aftermarket brand bearing kit over a higher priced OEM kit. Major manufacturers like Timken, SKF and Moog engineer their kits to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a fraction of the dealer price.

With routine front wheel bearing replacement using quality bearing kits, you can keep your Duster running smoothly for the long haul. Consult your repair manual and parts supplier to select the right bearing kit for your Duster’s year, make and model. Proper servicing now prevents bigger headaches later.

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