In Russia, the famous brand car is lada, which is also a very well-known brand car around world. Today, For the lada niva 2123 model, let’s discuss the clutch assembly bearing parts related to this model. The lada clutch assembly bearing, also known as the throwout bearing or release bearing. Particularly, it is a component of the manual transmission system in a vehicle. The lada clutch assembly bearing helps to engage and disengage the clutch by releasing the pressure on the clutch plate. The clutch assembly bearing is typically a small ball or roller bearing that is mounted on the clutch release fork or arm. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the bearing moves along the fork or arm and presses against the diaphragm spring.

When the clutch pedal is depressed, the clutch assembly bearing pushes against the clutch diaphragm spring. This way will to drive and releases the pressure on the clutch plate. This allows the clutch to disengage from the engine flywheel, which allows for shifting between gears.

lada clutch release bearing
The Clutch Assembly For Lada

How lada clutch release bearing works?

The lada clutch assembly bearing provides the connection between the clutch fork and the fingers on the pressure plate. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the fork presses against the release bearing, which presses down on the fingers, keeping the pressure plate away from the flywheel, allowing the clutch plates to rotate freely between them.

When the driver depresses the clutch pedal, a fork pushes against the housing of the release bearing, causing the bearing to slide forward on the transmission input shaft. The surface of the bearing then presses against the “fingers” that are part of the pressure plate. This returns the spring that would otherwise clamp the clutch plate between the pressure plate and the engine flywheel, releasing the clutch—and the connection between the engine and transmission.

lada clutch assembly bearing
The clutch assembly

Many Reasons To Cause Damage Of Lada Clutch Release Bearing

Causes of damage to the clutch release bearing The damage to the lada clutch release bearing is closely related to the driver’s operation, maintenance and adjustment. There are main 3 reasons for the damage are as follows:

The working temperature is too high to cause overheating

Many drivers often use the clutch halfway when turning or decelerating, and some are installed on the clutch pedal. In some vehicles, the free stroke adjustment is too large, so that the clutch disengagement is not complete, and it is in a half-engagement and half-disengagement state. This dry friction causes a lot of heat to be transferred to the release bearing. In addition, the bearing is heated to a certain temperature, and the butter melts or dilutes and flows, which further increases the temperature of the separation bearing. And when the temperature reaches a certain level, it will burn out.

Too little free travel or too much load

According to the requirements, the gap between the general lada clutch release bearing and the release rod is 2.5mm, which reflects that the free travel of the clutch pedal is 30-40mm. Because the free travel is too small. Another reason is no free travel at all, the release lever and the release bearing will be in a normal meshing state. According to the principle of fatigue failure, the longer the working time of the bearing, the more serious the damage; The more the load times, the more prone to fatigue damage to the separation bearing.

Lack of lubricant leads to wear

However, in actual work, drivers tend to ignore this point. This will be resulting in a lack of oil in the lada clutch release bearing. The wear amount of the release bearing in the case of no lubrication or less lubrication is often several to dozens of times the amount of wear after lubrication. As the wear increases, the temperature will also increase significantly, making it easier to damage. Certainly, there are other reasons to effect the Clutch release bearing except the problem we mention above. For KamAZ clutch assembly bearing, we may also consider to maintain it as same as lada car operation’s. By the way, if buyers are willing to purchase our wheel bearings, such as KamAZ clutch assembly bearing, please contact.

Niva 2123 Release Bearing X Clutch As You Want

When it comes to the niva models under the lada brand, many people may be familiar with it. Niva 2123 is a high-quality SUV model, we also call it lada niva travel series. This car is very atmospheric and high-grade. It’s with a simple interior and spacious space, which is very in line with European tastes. Of course, in addition to this, this niva2123 is also very durable and belongs to the exclusive car model for men. As a branded automobile bearing brand manufacturer, today I recommend you quality release bearing. The name of this bearing is niva 2123 release bearing x clutch. If you consider replacing bearing parts for your car, you can contact us to purchase niva 2123 release bearing x clutch. As an auto bearing manufacturer and exporter, we support overseas small batch orders.

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