2101-1701033 50706 VAZ Gearbox Bearing Size 30x75x19 For Selling

Model number


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Ball Bearing


VAZ Gearbox Bearing

Product Description

The design of the ball bearing article 50706 is typical. These are two clips, in the space between which rolling bodies are placed – balls. The product is originally intended for installation in sealed units, therefore no protective seals are provided.
The dimensions of the bearing are 30x75x19 mm. The weight of individual items may vary, but does not exceed 0.4 kg.

Dimensions and characteristics of bearing 50706:

Inner diameter – 30 mm;
Outside diameter – 75 mm;
Width – 19 mm;
Number of balls – 7 pcs.;
Ball diameter – 14.288 mm;
Groove diameter – 71.83 mm;
Groove bead thickness – 3.28 mm;
Groove width – 1.9 mm;
Rated speed – 10,000 rpm
Dynamic loading capacity – 26 k / N.

In general, 6-50706 is:

6 – normal accuracy;
50 – groove on the outer ring;
7 – series;
06 – code designation of the inner diameter.


Transmission of passenger cars VAZ “Classic” (from 2101 to 2107), as well as the input shaft of the gearbox and the drive shaft of the transfer case “Niva” (or bearing 750706 – with two shields);
Minibuses and small-tonnage trucks “Sobol” – rear support and gearbox output shaft;
Passenger cars GAZ (31022, 31023, 31029, 3110) – gearbox (primary and secondary shaft);
Minibuses RAF (checkpoint).

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