2101-2403080 180306 Gearbox Bearing Size 30x72x19 For VAZ 2101-2107 Selling

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Car Gearbox

Product Description

Bearing 180306 is a single-row deep groove ball bearing, closed with rubber plugs on both sides, reinforced with sheet steel, 19 mm wide, inner diameter 30 mm, outer diameter 72 mm, total weight 0.35 kg.
Lubricating fluid is introduced into such an element during assembly. The open type is able to provide a threshold speed slightly higher than the closed type of product.

180 – performance features;

3 – a series of widths;
06 – code of the inner diameter.
The bearing can be operated up to 16 kN when stationary and up to 28.1 kN when operating at rated speed. The limiting speed is 10,000 rpm.
GOST ISO Explanation:
306 6306: open bearing
50306 6306 N: open groove bearing
60306 6306 Z: closed on one side with a metal washer
80306 6306 ZZ (2Z): closed on both sides with metal washers
160306 6306 RS: closed with rubber plug on one side
180306 6306 2RS: closed with rubber plugs on both sides
76-306 6306 C3: open with thermal gap


Inner diameter – 30 mm;
Outside diameter – 72 mm;
Height – 19 mm;
Weight – 0.35 kg;
Number of balls – 8 pcs.;
Ball diameter – 12.303 mm;
Rated speed – 11000 rpm;
Dynamic lifting capacity – 28.1 kN.


Bearing with a groove for a retaining ring 50306 is installed in different units of VAZ cars – “classic”: gearbox, primary and secondary shafts and “Niva” and “Chevrolet-Niva” (front axle inner hinge housing, gearbox), minibuses and Gazelle light trucks (transfer case input shaft), ErAZ minibuses (gearbox), MTZ tractors (power take-off shaft), almost all models of light trucks, minibuses and UAZ cars (transmission intermediate shaft and transfer case).

Closed bearings 180306 are installed on the rear axle of the VAZ “classics” (2101-2107) and the “Moskvich”, the drive of the unloading device of the “Don” combines, the generator-exciter of the BelAZ dump trucks.

Open bearings 306 are installed on KamAZ trucks (power take-off gear axle), GAZ (secondary and intermediate transfer case shafts), BelAZ (power take-off), MAZ (generator and engine), engines and electric motors of tram cars. They are widely used in DT and MTZ tractors, Don and Niva combines, forklift trucks and many other products of domestic engineering.

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