2108-1006120 Tensioner Pulley Bearing For VAZ-2108





Vehicle type

Passenger car


Belt roller

Product Description

Roller tensioner VAZ-2108
Brand:Volga, famous brand and OEM
Type: Roller
Vehicle type: Passenger car
Outer diameter, mm 63 (55)
Warranty period: 1 years / 30,000 km.
Inner diameter, mm 10
Width, mm 27 (21)
Name:Belt roller

Automatic timing belt tensioner for cars VAZ-2108, VAZ-2109, VAZ-2110 and VAZ-1118 with 8 valve engines, with two bearings and additional protection of bearings from dust and dirt. The maximum static load is increased by one and a half times, and the dynamic load is increased by 35% compared to a standard roller. Effectively dampens jerky loads in the timing drive. Automatically monitors and compensates for timing belt tension. Has a simplified installation compared to the standard roller. No special tools required for installation.


VAZ 2108
VAZ 2109
VAZ 21099
VAZ 2110
VAZ 2111
VAZ 2112
Lada Kalina sedan (VAZ 1118)
Lada Kalina station wagon (VAZ 1117)
Lada Kalina hatchback (VAZ 1119)
Lada Priora sedan (VAZ 2170)
Lada Priora station wagon (VAZ 2171)
Lada Priora hatchback (VAZ 2172)

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