64706 Needle Roller Bearing For GAZ 3301 Truck Gearbox

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Model number: UCP206, Material: GCR15, Application: agricultural machinery, Weight:1.15kg, Bearing: UC206, Housing: P206

The UCP206 bearing unit consists of a UC206 deep groove ball bearing and an arch-shaped housing – P206. As you can easily guess, the sale of the UCP 206 unit is carried out both in a complete form and in the form of components, each of which has an individual packaging. Individual components can be included in other bearing assemblies (for example, the housing is part of the UKP206 assembly, and the bearing is UCF206). Detailed table of bearing units of different series. The sizes UCP2 .. are the lightest (there is also UCPX .. and UCP3 .. for larger sizes) and are designed for normal use. The units are distinguished by their quiet operation and the ability to take both radial and, to a lesser extent, axial loads, just like conventional deep groove ball bearings. Detailed information about bearing housings.

The international designation UCP206 can be expanded according to the usual scheme:
UC – design features of a deep groove ball bearing;
P – body type;
2 – a series of outer diameters;
06 – coding of the size of the connecting hole.


Feature Value Flanged bearing assembly
Housing P206
Bearing UC206
GOST 480206UCP
Load-bearing Radial
Int. diameter d, mm 30
Width B, mm 38.1
Length L, mm. 165
Overall height H, mm 83
Shaft axis height H1, mm. 42.9
Distance between the centers of the mounting holes J, mm 121
Rated dynamic load capacity, N 18500
Rated static load capacity, N 10700
The width of the foot of the knot A, mm 48
Recommended diameter of the fastening bolt / stud, mm 12
fixing screw M10
Weight, gram 1150



The main area of use of these spare parts is equipment for factories and plants. They are used in the chemical industry and metallurgy. They work in the workshops of enterprises producing plywood and wood waste boards.

Among other things, UCP206 (UC206 + P206) can be found in agricultural machinery. These are mainly units for soil cultivation

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