Bearing 92705 (25x55x18) Gearbox VAZ 2101 Intermediate Shaft (Rear Support) 2101-1701073 / 6-92705

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Product Description

Bearing 92705 AEUSH1 (6) radial roller bearing with short cylindrical rollers is an object that helps in moving objects, usually heavy or large. The main function of the bearing 92705 AEUSH1 (6) is to reduce the friction and resistance arising from the movement of the object. Roller radial with short cylindrical rollers are often found in machines or industrial products where they help facilitate smooth and efficient transfer of objects by acting as a weight distribution device. Typically, a bearing has many points of contact between an annular housing that contains internal rolling elements such as ball bearings that are in the ring.

Dimensions of bearing 92705:

Inner diameter (d): 25 mm;
Outside diameter (D): 55mm;
Width (B): 18mm;
Roller dimensions: 6.5×9 mm;
Number of rollers: 12 pcs;
Weight: 0.207 kg;
Dynamic loading capacity: 29 kN;
Static lifting capacity: 17 kN;
Inner ring bead diameter: 34.8 mm;
Outer ring bead diameter: 43.3 mm;
Rated speed when using liquid lubricant: 12000 rpm.
Rated speed when using plastic grease: 9500 rpm.

Other related number:

92705, 21010-1701073-00, 2107-1701073, 6-92705АЕ1, 6-92705АЕУШ1, 6-92705АС1, 6-92705К, 92705АЕ


Almost the only field of application of this bearing is VAZ cars. This is a gearbox (gearbox) bearing, an intermediate shaft of models 2101, 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 2106, 2107. On the Chevrolet Niva (VAZ 2123) and its predecessor VAZ 2121 (“Lada 4 × 4”), it is installed on the intermediate and secondary shafts of the gearbox, rear bearings.

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