A car’s suspension system is one of the most crucial systems that directly impact comfort, stability, handling, and safety. The suspension absorbs shocks from the road and isolates the vehicle’s frame and body from the wheels. It consists of shock absorbers, springs, control arms, rubber bushings, and other parts. Regularly inspecting and maintaining these key Lada suspension components ensures safe and reliable driving.

Shock Absorbers and Shock-absorbing Support Bearings

Shock absorbers dampen the vertical movement of the wheels and stabilize your Lada during driving. With time, they lose fluid volume and become unable to control the suspension’s vibrations. Check the shock absorbers for oil leaks, worn rubber boots, and damage. Also inspect the shock-absorbing support bearings that connect the shocks to the suspension. Replace faulty Lada shock-absorbing support bearing as needed for smooth damping of road impacts.

Springs and Leaf Springs

Car springs store and release energy to cushion road shocks. Coil springs and leaf springs are the most common types. Inspect the springs for cracks, corrosion, and distortions. Also check the rubber spring isolators or spring seats for deterioration. Compressed or sagging Lada springs will fail to provide sufficient suspension travel and damping. Replace worn-out springs and rubber mounts promptly to maintain optimum suspension performance.

Rubber Bushings

Rubber suspension bushings like control arm, strut mounts, and sway bar links act as shock absorbers and allow pivoting motion in the linkages. With time and wear, Lada bushings harden and crack, causing imbalance in suspension geometry. Inspect rubber bushings periodically for wear, splits and cracks. Replace deteriorated Lada bushings before they start causing vibration and noise issues.

Ball Joints and Control Arms

Ball joints connect the control arms to the suspension components and allow pivoting movement. Worn ball joints cause handling problems like pulling when braking or steering issues. Check for play in the ball joints and replace them if worn beyond specifications. The control arms link the wheels and suspension. Inspect Lada control arms for loose fasteners, cracks, and deformation. Replace defective control arms to maintain proper wheel alignment and balance.

Sway Bar Links and Bushings

Sway bars stabilize the car during cornering by applying resistive forces. The links and bushings connect the sway bar to the suspension components. Inspect Lada sway bar links for damage and bushings for wear and splits. Replace worn or damaged parts promptly before instability occurs during cornering. Properly functioning sway bar parts are critical for safe handling.

Strut Mounts and Struts

Strut mounts and struts are essential parts of a MacPherson strut front suspension. The strut assembly consists of a spring, shock absorber and strut rod in one unit. Check Lada strut rods and mounts for damage, corrosion and wear. Replace faulty mounting bushings that show hardening and splits. Defective struts will fail to properly stabilize the wheels, impacting handling. Replace worn Lada struts with new ones for balanced suspension performance.

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