What is the difference between wheel bearings and pulley bearings?

Bearing is an important part in many mechanical equipment. It has standardization in the market. Its size specifications have relevant provisions. Moreover, it has wheel bearings and pulley bearings according to the different friction properties of moving components. So, how to distinguish between wheel and pulley bearings?

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Wheel and pulley bearings – definition and advantages and disadvantages

Wheel bearings refer to bearings in which the friction between the shaft and the shaft seat is rolling friction. Whereas pulley bearings work under sliding friction. Wheel bearing structure is clear, uniform distribution of rolling element can effectively reduce friction. Therefore, the mechanical start is very fast and good. In the maintenance is also relatively simple and convenient. In addition, it is more suitable for working at medium speed. The noise is relatively large at high speed, and it will reduce its service life. In addition, the wheel bearing vibration when working. In comparison, the pulley bearing runs smoothly and without noise, but the resistance when starting is relatively large.

Difference between wheel and pulley bearings – structure

The wheel bearing is composed of an inner ring, an outer ring, a rolling body and a cage, wherein the outer ring is fixed as a support. The inner ring rotates with the axis. The rolling element is the most important, which is related to the performance and service life of the bearing. Cage is auxiliary rolling body work, so that uniform distribution. Pulley bearing is not the above structure, which plays a key role in the production of sliding bearing materials.

In addition, the main role of the bearing is to reduce friction. Where the size of the friction of the wheel bearing is related to the level of its manufacturing process, that is, whether it is accurate. However, the size of the pulley bearing friction is related to its manufacturing materials. Usually, is to discuss metal and non-metallic pulley bearings (mostly plastic) two categories.

Although they are mechanical parts, their operation is not the same. In addition, in the use of machinery. But also pay attention to the daily maintenance and repair of wheel bearings and pulley bearings.

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