Taper Roller Bearings Introduction

Tapered bearings are a type of roller bearing in which the rollers are located at an angle to the main axis. This allows you to cope not only with axial, but also with radiation loads. As the angle of the roller position relative to the axis increases, the bearing can withstand a significant axial load. At the same time, the maximum radiation dose decreases.

A tapered roller bearing consists of two races – an outer and an inner ring, between which the rolling elements are placed. The rolling elements are cylindrical rollers located at an angle to the contour. The design forms a cone in which the rollers are separated by a cage for uniform distribution. The presence of a separator and high precision manufacturing of all parts and seats ensure smooth and uniform operation of the bearing without shaft misalignment, radial runout and overheating.

Tapered roller bearings have found application not only in machine tools, but also in the automotive industry, as well as light and heavy industry. The parts are found in hub designs, transmissions, and equipment for the mining and energy industries.

Accordingly, all of the above-described industries are directly related to combined loads, namely axial and radial.

Taper Roller Bearings
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