Shock-absorbing support bearings play an important role in maintaining smooth operation, comfort and reliability of your Lada vehicle. Here are the details:

What are Shock-Absorbing Support Bearings?

Shock-absorbing support bearings are a type of bush bearing designed to absorb vibration and cushion mechanical components from shock loads. They consist of:

  • An outer metal sleeve – Provides structure and mounts the bearing in place.
  • An inner lining – Made of rubber or another elastomer that is flexible yet resistant to abrasion.
  • A central shaft – Holds the inner and outer components together.

Most shock-absorbing support bearings in Lada cars are located between moving parts like:

  • Suspension arms
  • Steering components
  • Door hinges
  • Transmission shafts
  • Wheel hubs

The flexible inner rubber lining allows the bearing to flex and absorb shocks that would otherwise damage components or be transmitted into the vehicle’s body.

Benefits Of Shock-Absorbing Bearings

Proper shock-absorbing support bearings provide several advantages for your Lada:

  • Suspension isolation – Absorb shocks from the road to reduce stress on suspension parts.
  • Comfort – Cushion vibration to provide a smoother, quieter ride and handling.
  • Noise reduction – Absorb impacts that would otherwise create squeaks and rattles.
  • Durability – Protect sensitive parts from wear and fatigue by damping vibration.
  • Performance – Allow free movement of parts without binding or resistance.
  • Low cost – Inexpensive compared to replacing worn suspension or steering components.

Bearing Failure Symptoms

Signs of failing shock-absorbing bearings include:

  • Noise – Squeaking, grinding or clicking noises from components
  • Vibration – Shaking that gets worse over time
  • Poor handling – Wallowing, shimmying or drift when driving
  • Increased wear – Damage to other parts from lack of cushioning and isolation

Replacing worn lada shock-absorbing support bearing help remove noise, restore comfort, improve handling and protect expensive components. Use high-quality bearings with the proper dimensions for your Lada model.

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