The front wheel bearings in your Nissan Almera play a vital role in the safety, handling and longevity of your vehicle. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of these bearings is important.

What Are Front Wheel Bearings?

Front wheel bearings are located in the wheel hubs of your Almera’s front suspension. They consist of:

  • Outer race – The stationary part that is pressed into the wheel hub.
  • Inner race – The rotating part that is pressed onto the wheel’s axle or spindle.
  • Rolling elements – Balls or tapered rollers that roll between the two races.
  • Seal – Prevents dirt and debris from entering the bearing.

The bearings allow the wheels to rotate freely and with minimal friction while supporting the weight of the vehicle. This allows for smooth steering and reduces wear on transmission components.

Importance Of Front Wheel Bearings

Properly functioning front wheel bearings are essential for:

  • Safety – Worn bearings cannot support the vehicle’s weight, compromising handling and control.
  • Handling – Bearings that are out of alignment or have excessive play cause poor steering responses.
  • Comfort – Bad wheel bearings create noise and vibration felt throughout the vehicle.
  • Longevity – When bearings fail, they can damage other components like brake discs and calipers.

Signs Of Bad Front Wheel Bearings

Some signs that your Almera’s front wheel bearings need replacement include:

  • Noise – Clicking, grinding or humming sounds when turning or braking.
  • Vibration – Shaking felt through the steering wheel or when braking.
  • Rough ride – Uneven or bumpy feeling over road imperfections.
  • Pulling – The steering wheel pulls to one side under acceleration.
  • Looseness – Excessive play or movement in the wheel and tire when lifting.

Replacing worn front wheel bearings before complete failure:

  • Removes noise and vibration.
  • Restores smooth handling and comfort.
  • Prevents damage to other parts.
  • Improves fuel economy.

For the best results, have front wheel bearings inspected and replaced every 40,000 to 60,000 km. Use high quality Almera 00- auto front bearing made specifically for your Nissan. Proper installation is also critical to bearing performance.

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