The front suspension and steering system of your Nissan Duster relies on the proper functioning of the front wheel bearings. When these bearings begin to wear, they can cause vibrations, noise and poor handling. Upgrading to a higher quality wheel bearing kit can help restore like-new performance.

duster front wheel bearing kit

What Are Front Wheel Bearings?

Front wheel bearings are located on each side between the wheel hub and knuckle arm. They consist of 2 steel or brass races containing ball bearings that allow the wheel hub to rotate as the vehicle moves. The outer bearing race fits into the knuckle arm while the inner race is pressed into the wheel hub.

Wheel bearings serve 3 main functions:

  • Allow rotation – They enable the wheel and hub assembly to turn freely on the steering knuckle for cornering and straight-line travel.
  • Absorb shocks – The bearing design helps cushion impacts from road irregularities and dampen vibrations.
  • Transfer wheel loads – They transmit braking, acceleration and suspension load forces from the wheel to the vehicle’s frame.

When To Replace Duster Front Wheel Bearing Kit

Over time and through regular use, the components inside front wheel bearings wear out due to friction. Grease also breaks down and loses its lubricating properties. Some signs that wheel bearings need replacing include:

  • Noise: When the bearings are worn, you may hear grinding, humming, or squealing noises from the front wheels.
  • Vibration: Damaged or loose bearings can’t absorb vibration anymore, causing a shaking feeling in the steering wheel.
  • Pulling to one side: Uneven wear on the bearings’ inner and outer races can make the vehicle veer or pull to one side.
  • Rough ride: Worn bearings can’t cushion bumps effectively, resulting in a rougher, less comfortable ride.
    Increased play: If the bearings become too loose or develop excess play in their races, it’s time to replace them.

Upgrading To An Aftermarket Wheel Bearing Kit

  • Premium materials: Aftermarket kits often use higher-grade bearing steel and precise manufacturing methods to improve durability.
  • Corrosion resistance: Advanced surface treatments, coatings and seals help withstand rust and contamination better.
  • Improved sealing: Upgraded rubber seals and metal shields more effectively prevent contaminants from penetrating the bearing.
  • Smoother operation: Precision engineering and tighter tolerances result in quieter and smoother-rolling bearings.
  • Reduced friction: Premium bearing materials reduce operating friction for a longer lifespan and potential fuel efficiency gains.
  • Lower noise: Their design more effectively dampens noise to maintain a quieter ride.

By upgrading to a reputable aftermarket wheel bearing kit rather than OEM replacements, drivers can restore – and potentially surpass – the original front-end performance of their Nissan Duster. New bearings, seals, races and all required hardware are typically included for ease of installation.

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